Timeline JS

The First Step…

At first glance, Timeline JS seemed like a daunting task, but then, it sparked interest. I looked through examples provided on Timeline JS’s website and realized how neat this tool actually was; Timeline JS allows people interested in one specific area of modern or pre-modern events to examine how historical events changed society with the assistance of Timeline JS providing a visible timeline.


The ability to chronologically see the date in which an event happened and also, see how much of an impact the event had on society underpins the importance of history. As a history major myself, I foresee myself utilizing Timeline JS for presentations regarding change over time, which would be immensely beneficial for history survey classes.

However, Timeline JS did have some confusing aspects to it, especially regarding photographs. No matter the URL, the box which the URL was placed in–most of the time– indicated the URL was invalid, which became increasingly bothersome. In some cases, the URL was, in fact, invalid, but the program did not provide an explanation as to why the links were not valid. Also, if dates for an event are not available, Timeline JS automatically assumed the beginning date of an event was 0 CE. All in all, Timeline JS is a vital tool which—in my opinion—should be used in classrooms to emphasize the significance one event can have on later years.


World War II (Second attempt at Timeline Js)