Chilocco Data Visualization Project

On Monday (6/3/19) I finished my Chilocco Tableau project, which I talked about in last week’s blog post. On Friday, the workbook was nearly done, and the weekend gave me enough distance to come back and see what needed to be fixed before publishing. Publishing a workbook from Tableau is easy! That is, if you know how to do it.

I first published to the Tableau website, but the workbook isn’t shared easily on that platform and the viewers were allowed to edit the information. Publishing to Tableau Public allows people to view and interact with the information, but doesn’t allow them to edit. This was what I wanted, but I had to set up my own website first, which wasn’t clear and not mentioned in the training videos. When I did upload the workbook to Tableau, it wasn’t obvious that the system had uploaded the whole workbook, which was frustrating. Regardless of the hiccups, I was pleased with the final product.

I couldn’t embed my workbook here, so I have linked to it below. To view all of the pages, scroll down to the bottom. On the right side of the screen, there is a heading called ‘Metadata.’ By clicking this, you can view the other pages of the visualization.